Dental Fillings: How Long Do They Last?

Cavities and cracks in teeth are two of the most common dental issues we see. But if we catch them early, we can offer treatments to preserve your tooth.

Dental fillings are an effective solution for most cavities and minor tooth cracks.

But are tooth fillings a long-term solution? How long do they last, and what can you expect?

Keep reading to learn more about the lifespan of dental fillings.

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The Durability of Tooth Fillings

How long do dental fillings last? The material used plays a huge role in the durability of this treatment option.

A dental filling can last for many years, sometimes more than a decade. Here’s a breakdown based on the material:

Tips for Helping Your Dental Fillings Last

How long a tooth filling lasts depends on the material used and several other factors. Here are some things you can do as a patient to ensure your tooth filling lasts as long as possible.

Tooth Fillings in North York, ON

To help your tooth filling last as long as possible, choose Isakow Dental for your tooth filling in North York. We will help you determine the right material for your tooth filling and provide professional advice for helping all dental treatments last as long as possible.

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