How Dentures Improve Your Dental Health and Wellness

A missing tooth can really impact how your smile looks and functions. That impact only amplifies when you’re missing several or all teeth.

Dentures are one of the best solutions for replacing several or all teeth. They can restore the function and appearance of your smile.

But what about your quality of life?

Can dentures improve your overall wellness?


Read to learn how.

Dentist Displaying X-ray To Patient At Clinic

Eat What You Love

Missing teeth definitely impact your ability to chew and eat. The gaps in your smile can affect your ability to eat what you love. The good news is that dentures can restore your chewing and biting ability. With their help, you can enjoy your favorite foods again.

Better Communication

Teeth play a huge role in speaking ability. Losing teeth makes it harder to enunciate and communicate, especially front teeth. The impact on communication can be upsetting, to say the least. Dentures fill in the gaps left by missing teeth, in turn restoring your communication skills.

Preserve Dental Alignment

Dentures are still a great solution if you have a few natural teeth remaining. Gaps from missing teeth allow existing teeth to shift, which can disrupt alignment. Dentures will help any remaining teeth stay in place. This is better for your long-term oral health.

Youthful Facial Appearance

Lost teeth impact more than dental function, they also affect how your face structure looks. Without teeth, your jaw does not get proper stimulation. This leads to jaw bone recession, which causes a sunken in face look. Dentures stimulate your jaw, helping maintain your face shape and youthful appearance.

Get Dentures in North York, ON

The bottom line is that dentures not only improve your oral health, but they also improve your quality of life. They allow you to eat what you want and speak with confidence. Furthermore, they help maintain your dental alignment and face shape.

For dentures in North York, ON, turn to Isakow Dental. Our experienced team will help you determine the best dental solution to restore your smile. Count on us for durable dentures and rejuvenated dental health.

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