Root Canals
North York, ON

A root canal procedure in North York, ON can preserve your natural tooth and your smile.

Do you have a tooth with such a deep cavity that the nerve is exposed? Or is it severely damaged in some other way?

If so the dentist may recommend a root canal in North York, ON to try to save the tooth instead of pulling it and replacing it with a bridge or an implant.

Isakow Dental offers root canal therapy in North York, ON. Learn more about the procedure and if it can help you.

What is a Root Canal?

Root canal treatment is the process of trying to save a dying tooth by repairing and cleaning out damaged nerve systems. This is an attempt to save the natural tooth if possible instead of extracting it.

For the Root canal procedure in North York, ON, the dentist first adequately numbs your mouth. Then, they will clear out the damaged pulp. Afterwards, they clean and disinfect the tooth before sealing it.

To prevent tooth loss and needs for dental implants, more than 14 million people undergo root canal therapy each year to help save their natural teeth.

Do I Need a Root Canal Specialist in North York, ON

Left untreated, a cavity that could be treated with a filling may eventually need a root canal. Furthermore, sudden damage to the tooth’s pulp (like with a sports injury) may also require root canal therapy.

If you experience extreme tooth sensitivity, persistent tooth pain, or other signs of tooth decay, then you may need a root canal dentist in North York, ON.

The best way to determine if a root canal can help you is to see a root canal specialist in North York, ON.

Keep in mind that Root canal therapy is a fairly serious operation and requires a significant amount of training and education. Root canals are performed using advanced techniques and materials, making them far more comfortable and faster than they used to be. Choosing the right dentist is imperative to successful, pain-free treatment.

Root Canal Dentist in North York, ON

If you believe you may need a root canal or other dental treatment, then come to Isakow Dental now. Meet with our experienced root canal dentist in North York, ON for a full oral health assessment and personalized plan. We can help you determine if a root canal can help you. If so, then you can trust our clinic for exceptional root canal treatment in North York, ON.

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