Thumb Sucking
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Get thumb sucking assessment and treatment in North York, ON.

Thumb sucking is a common behavior in babies and toddlers. It can help them self-soothe and serve as a simple comfort.

However, continuing to thumb suck (or use bottles or pacifiers) too late can lead to oral health concerns. To ensure your child’s proper tooth development and best oral health, it’s important to monitor thumb sucking in North York, ON.

Our dental professionals at Isakow Dental offer assessment and treatment for the effects of thumb sucking as well as comprehensive kids’ dental care. Visit us today for children’s dentistry in North York, ON.

Thumb Sucking North York, ON

Why Children Suck Their Thumbs?

Thumb sucking is normal in very young kids. There are many reasons kids will do this, but in general, it helps them to feel more comfortable and at ease. In some sonograms, doctors can find babies in the womb already sucking their thumbs. Here are some of the common reasons for thumb sucking in North York:
So, it’s normal for infants to suck their thumbs. But when should this behavior end? There’s no cut and dry time; kids should stop sucking their thumbs. Much like a pacifier, doing this late into toddlerhood can lead to some serious effects.

Oral Health Effects of Thumbsucking

Preventing thumb sucking is a challenge. It’s not as simple as removing a pacifier. Most kids end this behavior on their own, but some cling to it longer. Continuing to thumb suck as teeth develop can lead to several dental issues. Thumb sucking at age 2 and beyond can impact tooth alignment and lead to:

Thumb Sucking Assessment and Advice in North York, ON

Breaking the thumb sucking habit is no easy feat. If your child is struggling to move past this, you may be worried. Turn to our team at Isakow Dental for help. We can evaluate your child’s smile to determine if thumb sucking is having an effect, and provide you with some advice for helping them move past it. We also provide children’s dental care in North York to address any effects of thumb sucking and help keep your kids’ smiles healthy. Schedule your appointment with Isakow Dental today!

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