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North York, ON

Restore your tooth and your smile with a tooth crown in North York, ON!

If you’re missing a tooth or dealing with extensive dental damage, then a dental crown may be the solution you need.

Crown and bridgework is a very reliable solution for major dental problems caused by accidents, diseases or just normal wear-and-tear. Major problems can usually be corrected using these techniques. A porcelain crown fits over the top of the tooth covering the remaining portion of the natural tooth structure and restoring the look and function of the original tooth.

Turn to Isakow Dental for tooth crowns in North York, ON!

Tooth Crown North York, ON

Benefits of Dental Crowns

Using the latest dental technology and methods, our team is happy to offer metal-free crowns in North York, ON as well as same-day crows in North York, ON.

help align and enhance the appearance of broken, discoloured teeth and can be made of porcelain, gold, or porcelain overlaid on metal. Crowns are placed over teeth to reinforce weakened tooth structure. Whether the tooth is cracked, fractured or root canal treated, dental crowns are used to give the additional strength and durability the tooth needs to last for years.

Dental crowns can help address the following:

Porcelain Crowns in North York, ON

Don’t deal with a broken tooth any longer! Come to Isakow Dental for your dental crown treatment.

Our dental crown restoration completely caps a tooth or dental implant. Now, with “same day” crowns in North York, ON service, you can enjoy the ultimate convenience. No more waiting for the permanent crown to arrive, or having to deal with the problems which often occur with temporary crowns.

It’s time to make an investment in your smile. For more information about our dental crowns in North York, ON or to schedule an appointment, call us at 416-245-8990.

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